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Ship model Okumoto owner and modeler: Akira Okumoto

Born January 25, 1954

Constellation: Aquarius, Twelve Hosoki’s Twelve Zodiac fortune tells Venusian plus

Hobby: modeling a sail boat, sea fishing, tennis, mahjong


It has been 40 years since I have been making sail boat models. Recently I am addicted to a structural model (structure model) exclusively.

The structure model I made for the first time was “Endeavor” and then “Golden Yacht” “Verona” “Bounty” “Hanna” I made.

Struggling at the time of production

Although I made various structural models, the difficulty was to draw a drawing of one piece of flac, copy it to tracing paper and transfer it to the plate. And it was work to cut out one frame from the transferred board material. Because there are about 400 pieces of parts at any given frame as well.

Even if I pull out the drawing as accurately as possible, even though I intended to cut out the frame, I also felt dissatisfaction that the shear line of the joint of the frame did not come out neatly. In the end, it was the only thing we had to adjust the details with the actual thing.

Also, in order to make a structural model, I have bought power tools such as band saws, electric powered thread saws, electric cannons, desktop circular saws, belt sanders, lathes and so on. However, many of the sail boat model fellows around me said, “I want to challenge the structural model, but I have a bit of arranging the tools …” hesitated.

Challenge of sail ship structure model that anyone can make

Therefore, I drew a drawing on a personal computer and tried to make a laser cut part.

Then the shear line began to appear beautifully. In any case, if you draw a drawing with a personal computer, accuracy of 1 / 1000th of a millimeter can be pursued.

In addition, laser cutting of the drawing drawn with a personal computer did not require the use of electric thread saws or band saws, and we were able to cut frames accurately and easily. The joint between the keel and the frame also fits as pleasantly as possible.

Realized as a kit

I would be happy if we could provide the structural model kit developed by me to people who are hesitant to make a structural model, “Structural model is difficult”, “Production time is too long,” “It is difficult to arrange tools”, and so on.

In conclusion

My childhood dream was to become a shipbuilding technician. My dream of life has not come true, but now I am trying to make my dreams come true in my hobby world.