Santa Maria

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Description of item

Initially, he did a lot of research, then drawings were made and the parts were cut out one by one with an electric saw to create a structural model.

The resulting structural model was exhibited at a local sail boat model exhibition and received a very good reviews there.

Many replicas and reduced models of this famous ship are made. However, there are various theories about its details, accurate truth has not been revealed yet.

The number of pieces is small, it can be made precisely and easily in a relatively short time. We especially recommend it to those who are interested in the products of Ship Model Okumoto.

Product Details and Price

Product name Santa Maria (SM-SMO-K80)
Price $490
Scale 1/80
Total length(mm)* 378
Height(mm)※ 139
Width(mm)※ 103
Used timber Agathis, others
Production reference time 120 hours
Laser cutting parts 173 pieces
Bundled items Reference book: 3 pages, Drawings: 27 pages, Round bar, Board material

The actual size of the finished product.

Supplementary images