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Description of item

It was the first armed American naval ship in the Revolutionary War.

By reducing the scale, the price is reduced and it is the best product for getting started with structural models.Originally a schooner for fishing, the ship was turned into a warship by George Washington and played an active part in the American Revolution.

There are 310 pieces of laser-cut parts,boards,round bars and 20 sheets of drawing.

This is the easiest product to make among the ship model Okumoto products.


Product Details and Price

Product name Hannah
Price 23,000円
Scale 1/70
Total length (mm) 335
Height (mm) 90
Width (mm) 100
Used timber Agathis, others
Production reference time 100 hours
Laser cutting parts 310 pices
Bundled items Production operations manual, 20 sheets of drawing, Boards, Round bars

The actual size of the finished product.

Creation procedure movie

Supplementary images